I dreamed a dream….

No, not a grand sparkly though tragic one of the Susan Boyle ilk. And it wasn’t of days gone by. It made me wake up uncomfortable and borderline afraid. Cold and dark, though not in the absence of light sense. I was part of a band of postapocalyptic travelers, searching to make order of and find a place in a changed and freshly dystopian world.

I plotted a plot….

It too was not of days gone by. Borne of a single image, fed by another, and boasting two vague characters…if you count the dog. Also disturbing and not a little frightening. Not enough for a real story, it sat in my brain and waited.

Apparently it waited for the dream. It suddenly dawned on me that the two combined are where the story lies. On the corner of what if and “I wanna wake up! Now!”.

I sat down at my computer, and without intending to, started to write it. That happens sometimes. I actually meant to go over some old files. Suddenly, I started a new one and wrote 700 words to get it going.

Will it be written and finished in a lickety split blaze of seat of the pants writing, or take its sweet time to emerge in a slow golden haze of creativity?  I have no clue. I was planning to write something else next.

The Muse obviously has something else…else…in mind. Personal writing rule number one: Get out of the way of your Muse…and stay that way! It makes the writing/screenwriting life so much easier.