A couple of posts back I rhapsodized about stage plays, loving British actors, and fine acting, and here I am already doing it again. This time I’m longing to see Peter and Alice, starring the incomparable Judi Dench and her remarkably talented Skyfall costar Ben Whishaw. This one is even more out of reach than The Revisionist, since it’s taking place in London. YouTube to the rescue yet again.

This awesome trailer offers tantalizing glimpses of their performances as the grown up inspirations for Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. I saw a movie ages ago about the young girls’ real life friendship with the man who wrote Alice in Wonderland, but was a bit disappointed when it fell a little flat for me compared to a glowing review I’d read. The main reason I’d wanted to see it was because an obscure (to me, anyway) actress named Coral Brown starred as the the elderly Alice. The extra draw? She was married to Vincent Price! An elegantly lovely old lady and the elegantly creepy master of creep out horror went oddly well together in my imagination, once I’d spent a movie’s worth of my time getting to know her considerable talent. Not so big a disappointment really, all things considered.

I can’t imagine being disappointed by a single second of Peter and Alice. I love those old childrens’ stories by British authors of a certain era. Judi Dench has long been one of those older actresses of the British stage and universal screen I love watching, and Ben Whishaw has already become one of my favorite younger actors (though he’s much older than he look most of the time). They must be mesmerizing together, treading the boards.

A brief moment in the trailer, when Whishaw’s expressive features contort with emotion is evidence enough, coupled with Dench’s wistful wisdom, that something rare and special happens on that stage. Oh, to be in the audience, forgetting to breath as the story unfolds…I’m sure you’ll excuse me while I go watch the trailer again.

Peter and Alice by John Logan – A Trailer