If you could click your ruby red Chucks together three times and be transported to another land, where would you want to go? I’d be saying “There’s no place like Oz”, of course. The Wicked Years version preferably, but I’d be happy to tour Baumland too.

While random what iffing the other day, I started wondering….

What if someone from another world (no caps/not the soap opera) fell into a well or something, and landed in the here and now? It occurred to me that where they landed would make all the difference in their impression of our big blue and green marble as it turns in space.

–Oooh. New York City. Gorgeous architecture, sparkling waterways (maybe they won’t see perfectly here and won’t be able to make out all the pollution and garbage that takes too much of the shine out of that sparkle), art, culture…and many, many bipedal creatures with life sustaining devices they must hold to the sides of their heads at all times.

–Shadows, and cuckoo’s, and trees. Oh, my! It’s Germany’s Black Forest. Dark and creepy. Cannot see a sky. Walk and walk, only sound their muffled footsteps, occasionally accompanied by the screech of a winged creature. They weep for their mother in such grim surroundings, and long to leap onto the creature’s back, wishing desperately to fly home.

–Sand. More sand. Great towering dunes of the Sahara that ripple away to meet every horizon. Searing heat partnered with such dense blowing sand at times that they wonder if they will suffocate soon after arrival. They trudge across the endless dunes, thirsty and weak, wondering if life ever occupied this desolate and deserted world. Despair overtakes them, as all hope is lost of ever finding a well that might offer a repeat trip home. Because there is no water under this cruel sun, and they surely won’t survive long.

–The English countryside. Lush green grass sprinkled with the bobbing heads of wild poppies. An inviting, burbling brook, its mossy banks so cool and inviting that they take off their shoes and socks and lie down for a nap. They awaken to wander rambling lanes, and return pleasant greetings with kind strangers they meet along the way. The gift of a ripe peach smells like sunshine and tastes like a one item feast. Paradise. They are happy to stay for a time, unhurried in any quest to return to their home.

I could do this all night. In what iffing that one little ponder, I am struck by just what an extraordinary world we take for granted. Any single place stumbled upon by eyes unfamiliar would seem to be our whole world. Instead, a brief trip or long journey in any direction can transport us to an entirely different environment. So many characteristics and types of residents that we can easily imagine each location to be an utterly different world. Our world is one big sometimes challenging, sometimes frightening, always fascinating adventure, if only we take the time to attempt to see it through alien eyes.