My taste in music is so eclectic that I have to mentally categorize it. Bands from Down Under get their own special slot. The top place is reserved for Something for Kate.

I have adored this band for years and a new release is always a thrill, even though it can be a wait for new Australian music to be available here as imports. Maybe it’s even more of a thrill because of the wait. Anticipation can be an awesome thing when it involves something that screams WANT!.

The suspense didn’t go on long enough to test its murderous reputation, because an Aussie friend got Leave Your Soul To Science for me for Christmas. It does not disappoint. Of course I didn’t expect it to. Frontman Paul Dempsey is in fine form. If anything changes noticeably it’s that his voice matures and refines itself just that little bit more with each new album. My favorite tracks are Survival Expert and The Fireball At The End Of Everything…with the rest close behind.

Something for Kate–The Fireball At The End Of Everything

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