Anyone (and that’s just about everyone in this case) who has ever had something they created criticized, or heaven forbid ridiculed, needs to read Jon Cassar’s Tumblr post about Blade Runner. Blade Runner Notes shows an alarming amount of criticism, suggestions, and demands renowned director Ridley Scott endured.

Blade Runner, based on the Phillip K. Dick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, is considered by many to be the greatest science fiction movie of all time. I wouldn’t go that far personally, but that kind of thing is extremely subjective. I do like the movie and its director a lot, and have trouble wrapping my mind around these notes.

Obviously they didn’t crush Scott into giving up. If he could deal with braving that momentum crushing gauntlet and still manage to turn out such a revered movie, I think there’s hope for the rest of us.

Creativity inevitably attracts criticism and some manner of adversity at some point. I for one intend to start screaming “Blade Runner Notes!” at the top of my mental lungs, whenever I feel beleaguered by anything outside my own creative instincts.