I’ve mentioned before how articles about some aspect of technological advances and scientific facts spark ideas for stories and screenplays. Sometimes actual details become the genesis of ideas. Other times I see something that sends my brain off on a sideways extrapolation adventure.

This article detailing amazing facts about the human body just set off my brain like a Fourth of July fireworks extravaganza. Not that I get immediate plots and characters from something like this, but I certainly bookmark it for further contemplation and future reference.

Beyond all that there’s fascinating information from one fact to the next. For instance, I love that we are, due to the magic of our very existence, made of stardust. How cool that a fuzzy spot in the constellation Andromeda is the farthest to be seen with the naked eye, giving mere human beings the ability to actually witness history on such a massive scale that we cannot truly comprehend. I now understand why my blood is red and that my appendix isn’t as useless as I’d been led to believe. Any of that and more may work its way through my brain whether I’m awake or asleep, and feed me something fun to write. Or it all may just take up residence in my subconscious, to occasionally ponder and marvel over.

Except the part about eyelash mites. I could have quite happily gone on forever without even knowing that one. And, no, I don’t expect any Mighty Eyelash Mite stories to begin lurking inside my creativity, waiting to emerge and become the latest action movie franchise. Somehow, I can’t put my finger on a spin that would give that particular super hero box office appeal. Unless…maybe The Avengers would assemble to fight such a fearsome foe…nah…Loki would never sit still for that!

*Sidenote: I found this Guardian News article by following a link tweeted by Tom Hiddleston, aka Loki….

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