I seem to be getting ever more of my info bites from Twitter. That’s fine with me, especially when it brings me such Valentine’s Day gems as these.

1. This letter author John Steinbeck wrote to his young son about love is very beautiful. Simple, yet profound, it explains the ways of the human heart, and provides a roadmap for those willing to travel it to open hearted joy.

2. I started following Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield recently, and have been thrilled and awed by the pictures he tweets from the International Space Station. This is the closest I’ll ever be to orbit, and I’m drinking in the visual feasts that range from majestic to cool to quirky. A recent image looked to me like a slice of brown geode with a scoop of fluffy cloud ice cream for decoration. Lyon, France was my favorite so far, with its lacy patterns of lights, but I also particularly liked the ones of the Australian Outback. Stark, yet almost alive with imagined imagery. Today he tweeted an image of a land and water formation that makes the perfect shape of a heart. A Happy Valentine’s Day wish, to the earth from the heavens above us. I won’t even try to top that.

(I’m attempting to put the link to the Twitpic here as well, since it doesn’t seem to want to paste in properly:

http://t.co/01Lvmkig.  )