I’ve been thinking of posting some of my photographs here for some time. Now that I have my 2013 screenwriting competition entry packages out the door, and seem to be settling back into my more normal writing routine, I have some breathing room for side projects.

Being a serious amateur photographer for a very long time has given me a large collection of personal photographs. In addition to images from my travels on three continents, I decided to photograph every blooming thing in my mother’s yard. That last part sounds simple enough, but the woman’s legendary green thumb is no joke. I also found that a surprising number of minute wildflowers crop up in one far from large yard.

For the first Random Images post, I’ve picked a flower that intrigues me. It’s a pale purple iris, with textured petals that bear slight variations of sometimes irridescent hue. They’re also referred to as flags. Understandable, considering the way the large petals unfurl themselves, giving the feel of subtle flapping even when still.


From a bit of a distance, it has a regal look. Like a certain fictional Dowager Countess, head held high, supremely confident of its place among lesser beings in its garden.


Move in closer and it becomes a brazen beauty. Boldly flaunting, demanding admiring gazes from passersby. (for big screens, its best to move well back for the sharpest viewing)