What more can we ask as viewers than a five year long story that has no missteps? At least if Fringe had any I was quickly too deeply in love with it to notice.

I will admit that at times I lost track of not only which alternate universe I was watching, but also on occasion which version of what character as whom. Or something like that. Honestly, I did not think it could get any better than when Olivia carried the katra…er…I mean consciousness, of William Bell. The only way that could have been any better was if a fellow named Leonard McCoy had ambled into Walter’s lab of awesomeness and demanded Walter tell him how to get that pointy eared devil out of his head. Since that’s just the stuff of crossover dreams, I was thrilled with how beautifully that storyline played out.

Even moreso, however, did I adore all things Walter. Almost all things. I think it made the whole Walter/Walternate/other Walter/other Walternate/other…you know how it goes…thing even more wonderful that in the first ep I did not even like him. I didn’t care for John Noble or the bizarre character he portrayed there in the asylum. Shocking to remember that now that he has become one of my favorite actors and Walter among my favorite TV characters ever.

Walter was the child in us all, the genius we all wish to be, the broken megalomaniac with the humanity stirring deep inside that led our final combination of Walters to become more human than most of us are able to even aspire to. Perhaps the most antihero knight in shining wormhole to ever grace the small screen, with his armor of intellect, compassion, and…dare I say it?…nobility, Walter Bishop was a mortal who would be god, then learned such humility that he managed to change the world after all, in a way the shambling old man in the first episode could never have dreamed. And in a way the original Walter…he of the stunning intellect and its accompanying ambition that burned like the sun…would have scorned.

I loved all of Fringe, but it’s Walter who stands apart in my mind. Above. A character that transcends mere entertainment to inform, enlighten, and inspire. I was so afraid the end would disappoint me. Ruin what became the hour of television I looked forward to most. Take away from the whole so much that I wouldn’t ever see it the same way again. Instead, it was a fitting farewell to five seasons of the thinking person’s joy to watch.

Fringe Series Finale Trailer