A simple yet complex thought for the final hours of 2012: Write what you love, love what you write.

So many variations of the idea of writing what you know are spattered across the internet that you can hardly surf without tripping over a half dozen. In truth it works for some people, not so much for others. Everybody’s different, each a walking, breathing vessel that carries knowledge good and bad. And, yes, ugly. Also beautiful and awful and wonderful and everything in between.

Writers able to tap into their own personal wealth of knowledge…good for them. What they write just may be all the richer for it. If for whatever reason a writer finds mining their past, present, when, where, and how for inspiration a struggle, or even a burden, they should let go of that “must” in order to run full tilt toward and embrace another “must” in its place…imagination.

Give your mind and heart and soul their heads like horses with loosened reins. Listen to the wind…hear its voice as it tempts you with the stories it seems to tell. Look up at the stars…watch them gift you with the light of the ages.  Open yourself to the raucous joys in the mundane and the quiet grace of the magnificent.

Be yourself in each moment. Await what the whole wide world will impart to you on a daily basis. Tell your stories from that place. The place that originates from the center of the world that’s unique to you.

Then if time passes and it feels as if no one understands your words, find joy in knowing that your understanding of them is why they exist. While you wait for those other minds and hearts and souls for whom your words will resonate to discover them, always write what you love so that, after the final punctuation mark, you can look to the paper or computer screen or inside your own heart and love what you write enough to carry you through times of doubt or pain or dreams unfulfilled.

Because if you can write something that truly makes you happy, you’ve already accomplished more than most people ever dream of.