Coming across this article so early in the morning makes my whole brain dizzy. Seems some very determined scientists really want to know if the universe is a computer simulation. They employ methods far, far beyond my ability to comprehend, but I get the gist.

It comes down to the basic question: Are we real? Which leads me, pesky theoretically thinking, science fiction writing brain corner engaged, to a question of my own: Does it matter?

Even if someone managed to prove it beyond all doubt, and beyond all of what was previously known as common sense, what then? Try to pull our own plug? Try to outsmart our newly discovered VR loving overlords and take possession of the not real as we know real universe? Pretend we don’t know and carry on as if we don’t?

This kind of thing has infested the back of my mind ever since Existenz and various episodes of various series in the Stargate franchise, among other manifestations in the entertainment sector. VR and its confounding dilemmas crept into my fiction, then took up residence there.

I love thinking about it. I just don’t like the idea of having to think about the possibility of being it. Science fiction and reality colliding is usually cool to contemplate, but not when it could lead to a reality that really is virtual…with me living obliviously in it.