This New York Times article is a real eye opener. While I’ve long admired Georgia O’Keefe’s flower and landscape paintings, I didn’t know she had traveled to Hawaii and painted there. This article is attractive to both admirers of her work and people who love Hawaii, its landscape, and history.

Some details of O’Keefe as a person are surprisingly charming, as seen through the eyes of her twelve year old guide of Hana on Maui, and its surroundings.  As are the references to the Hawaiian lifestyle from before the tourist invasion. My favorite thing about the article is the image of O’Keefe’s portrait of a gorgeous waterfall. It is done in the style of her paintings of cala lilies. I had to look at it for some time before I could see the waterfall, clouds, and flanking mountainsides. So it is in a way a very beaitiful visual puzzle.

The article is so descriptive it’s made me long for a fresh, golden ripe pineapple. The kind best enjoyed beside a sun drenched roadside fruit stand. Once you’ve experienced fresh pineapple, plucked from a nearby field, as the trade winds sail the glorious aroma to you before that prickly rind has even been breached, the green, spiky objects in mainland grocery stores may as well be slightly pineapple scented footballs!