Most of the movies I watch are ones I pick because one (or more) of my favorite actors is in it.  I just watched Age of Heroes solely because Sean Bean stars, after grabbing it previously viewed when I saw his face on the box.

Since he’s the reason I watched it, I’ll start by saying he is as wonderful as in everything else I’ve seen him in. He also looks amazing, with dark, close cropped hair and in the dashing WWII uniforms of the British major he portrays, wearing the period costumes so well he looks as if he were born for them. He carries off the challenges, grit, and courage of his character so beautifully that he disappears into the major and makes me forget the actor embedded within. That is the kind of talent that still makes me cry over Boromir, even when I just come across LotR:FotR in passing on TV.

The movie itself is a harrowing account of a British commando team with a vital mission to gather intel on enemy radar technology. I didn’t realize until I read the description under the trailer on YouTube that it’s a true story involving Ian Flemming.

Among the horrors of war lie instances of heroism, courage, and perseverance. The gorgeous mountain scenery is a breathtaking contrast to the deadly nature of the mission.

This movie is not for everyone. It’s brutally violent in places and contains strong language. I don’t think this story would have been adequately told without either. It has a very gritty, real feel to it. Not the kind of thing the word enjoy feels right for, it demands attention and respect, and leaves me thoughtful and impressed.

Age of Heroes trailer