One morning not so long ago I was  uncharacteristically awake. I am so not a morning person, but insomnia follows no rules.

I got started watching AMC’s preseasonpremier The Walking Dead marathon and kept watching off and on all day. I had caught a few episodes of last season, but hadn’t planned to watch regularly. The complicated cast and complex stories seemed impossible to unravel so far in.

That’s what marathons are for. Smart network, AMC.

Now, I’m watching the new season. It’s really a bit too gorey for me, but that’s why we have eyelids, right?

Those zombie eyes. Other than the blood and various visible body parts, it’s the zombie eyes that get to me most. They’re creepy enough when merely zombified. When they move around long after there shouldn’t be anything left to move them with, it’s like that old scary movie staple–the sinister painting with the eyes that follow the hapless visitor’s every move. Every week when I watch The Walking Dead, for that hour, I am the hapless visitor watching zombie eyes that at random moments watch me back.

I get distracted, thinking about how I’d never survive a zombie apocalypse. Oh, I could probably kill a random zombie here or there, but I’d never have the strength or stamina for herd combat mode. It would be like competing in the Ironman on a daily basis, running, swimming, motorcycling…did I mention running? Throw in field medicine by way of veterinary prowess, clothes that just might become walkers themselves due to lack of laundry facilities, and *gasp* gardening…no, I’m the armchair zombie hunter type.

If you need me I’ll be sitting pretty in Woodbury…watching those other creepy eyes. The ones the Governor uses to watch….

The Walking Dead Season 3 Comic-con Trailer