Some time ago when I was on the verge of getting on the Do Not Call list, I came across some interesting info. If you say “Do not call here again.” to random telemarketets you don’t do business with, they’re not allowed to.

I tried it and before long started seeing results to the point that I eliminated maybe 95% of telemarketing calls. Recently, I heard that The Do Not Call list doesn’t always work. So I did good.

And it was fun last week. A straggler called. They were taking too long for my lack of patience to handle and I asked who it was. I could barely understand the guy, but caught something about a police fund. I’ve heard that can be in the title of a tricky money making plot.

So I was suspicious, and without thinking barked: What do you want?

The guy went dead silent to the point where I wondered if I’d given him a heart attack! After a few seconds during which I could practically hear him desperately thinking…he hung up.

That’s right. A telemarketer hung up on me!

First time I’ve rver heard of that happening. How rude! And how wonderful.

Afterward I realized I’d bellowed the traditional Klingon greeting (so I’ve heard, since I don’t parlay vous Klingon) at my adversary. Apparently, it’s the tone as much as the words that get the message across:

Approach at your own risk. Today, like all days, is a bad day to call.