Just now found out this image was available to me and wanted to take the opportunity to express my happiness again about being a Moondance Finalist for the third time.


I’m very proud of my feature length
drama screenplay that was chosen a 2012 Moondance Finalist. It’s a story that started out as something else, then went sideways on me and gave me characters that touched my heart as I wrote it from there.

Stories, whether for screen or page,do that to me a lot. Change, shift, morph into finished products that are better and more fulfilling than what it was I originally thought I was writing. Apparently, my brain is very good at subconscious compartmentalizing. I love it that way. It keeps me challenged and excited as new pages are added and the story unfolds.

I wish I could go into detail about these special characters and their story, but since I enter blind competitions I need to play it all close to the vest. Hopefully, someday they’ll show up larger than life on a big screen near us all.