**If there’s anybody left on any planet who hasn’t seen Thor yet, at least once, here be spoilers.

Watched Thor last night for the first time since the big screen. Except for the lack of said big screen, I think I like it even more the second time around.

Of course the initial reason for seeing it was Anthony Hopkins. I think he shines as Odin, and not just because of his long sleep in golden sparkles. His acting is always superb. There’s just something a little extra special about that voice and those eyes…well, the one eye…in the grandeur of Asgard.

Asgard. Such a gorgeous otherworldly place. One of the most visually stunning worlds I’ve ever seen. Makes me want to go there. If only….

When I first saw it I wasn’t expecting the fun Treklike humor. Laughter is a dish best served with a side of darkside. Not to mix franchise metaphors too vigorously.

Another thing I like is the dance of good and evil and the many shades between that goes on between Thor and Loki. Thor’s bad. Loki…awe so sweet. No! Wait. Loki’s actually got a bad boy thing going on! Ooooh. Thor is such a romantic…well, after he’s through with the impromptu mudwrestle for his life. So…he’s good now and Loki…. Wait, what? I love that kind of brain twisting in my entertainment. Impossible to be bored when you’re enjoying pretzel brain so much.

Please, sir? Can I have some more…Thor?

No worries.

I left it in the player.