Just found this insightful article through a Tweet link and want to share it with anyone who comes across my blogginess. It can make a huge difference to just one person struggling against the odds for a moment in the grand scheme of time or the many of us who do it on a daily basis.

Whether you write fiction or scripts or poems or don’t write at all unless someone insists, it will encourage you to remember that success is often elusive and extremely hard won. It’s so easy to believe we’re alone in the climb over an Everest of obstacles, but apparently, there are many others who have worn the paths we face ahead of us.

More than I would have thought.

I’ve realized the authors in this article are probably the tip of the iceberg. I’ve always held on to the story about Pearl Buck getting an unpleasant rejection after the book in question was recognized with awards and great acclaim. Not only does that encourage me amid my barrage of rejections, it’s also pretty fun to imagine how that particular editor must have felt after the fact. It’s really nice to have so many generously shared examples now to go with it.

One of the many reasons I love the internet.