Sometimes I’m amazed that such beautiful things from far away can be found at stores where you expect to see shoes, clothes, even dog accessories. I’m always on the lookout for imported glass.

Mostly Italian, but I sometimes go for a piece made in China or India if it’s beautiful enough. Smaller objects such as pendants or paperweights tend to not show flaws as blatantly as a large vase or bowl. Usually though I’m drawn to Murano glass, hand blown on a Venitian island by the most gifted glass artists in the world.

This small bowl recently caught my eye. The tag said it was hand decorated in Tuscany, with no indication where the glass was made. I walked away initially, but went back for it before leaving the store. Something so beautiful for under ten dollars proved ultimately irresistible. And since it does have an Italian connection it fits right in with my Murano glass.