After half looking forward to and half dreading the advance to the Second Round announcement for this year’s Page Awards, I was distracted when it actually came. So the thrill had an added measure of surprise that borders on shock. In a good way, of course.

Both my entries made it to the Second Round! This is approximayely the top 25% of thousands of scripts, so it’s an accomplishment in itself.  One…make that two…I’m very proud of.

The Quarter Finalists announcement comes on the 15th, which doesn’t leave much time to build up an excessive head of anxiety. Not that excessive anxiety is a goal. More a hazard of the writing life, particularly when you put what you’ve created out into the world to be embraced or trampled on. Don’t let anybody kid you that that part is fun. Well, the embraced part is…trampled on not so much.

The next level, like them all, can go either way. That means get every bit of thrill possible out of each step that spawns smiles. Sometimes that has to carry you over another long, cold winter.  But sometimes…sometimes it’s just the beginning.